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Software as a Service or Platform as a Service business models are a commodity since years.

Such a service has to deliver the agreed quality 24/7 and to be continuously optimized in terms of resilience, resource consumption and others. It also needs to be further developed to stay relevant in the market and fulfill future needs.

As a consequence, software, delivered as a service is frequently corrected in small steps. SaaS providers today are doing hundreds of deployments, every day – to continuosly harden and improve their services.

At Delivion we treat infrastructure as code and encourage our clients to automate all operational tasks, giving the actual delivery of software and the control about the underlying infrastructure in the hands of software engineers, the shortest possible link between a software and its creator.



DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering are mainstream now and so are the tools and technologies to establish platforms for service delivery.

Still hard to gain for a lot of companies are the individual and team skills to choose and use those technologies efficiently and to facilitate such an environment to the product teams in the right way.

Our clients are companies developing software to use it within their organisation or as a market offering. They are already offering it as a service or planning to do so.

We tailor and implement the processes, tools and infrastructure for the development and continuous delivery of software in private, public and hybrid clouds and facilitate these as a convenient service to the software engineers.

Clients choose from a variety of out-of-the box packages from our Managed Continuous Delivery offering. More complex or bigger environments profit from our professional service – a dedicated team, integrated with your development organisation. In addition to that we also share our expertise in coachings, trainings and regular meetups.



As a company we are dedicated to the success of our clients.

People with different personal and cultural backgrounds work together to make the life of our clients better and easier every day.

We are Software- and Cloud Architects, Engineers, Coaches, Experts in Machine Learning and love to craft smart and sustainable Service Delivery Platforms and facilitate modern approaches in software engineering to our clients.

We cultivate our values of trust, autonomy, mastery and purpose and servant leadership continuously, so that everyone can contribute and develop its personal capabilities and experiences.





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