Next Meetup! Data Science for IT-Services Delivery

Data science is transforming our business processes into more intelligent, automated and productive actions. The more we master the data in our hands, the more we assess our business needs and therefore the easier we reach our goals.

It all started from the fast-growing amount of data we possess and Information it may contain. Then Big Data’ storage and processing technologies, Internet of Things’ data streams, data analytics practices and Machine Learning came all together to form the world of Data science which is always very important in every scenario where we have enough data that we don’t fully understand.

As an introductory talk, our Data scientist Ing. Montassar Ajam shares his experience dealing with Data Science to enhance IT- services Delivery pipelines with you. This session will be followed by a lively discussion between the audience and invitees rounding off the day’s event.

There are no specific requirements that the attendees should fulfil in order to be able to comprehend the discussions which are not only restricted to data scientists as we will try to make it simple for everybody whether coming from the Software engineering and development world, IT-operations but also from the IT-management world. You are all welcome.

Drinks and Food will be provided for free and there will be time for networking.

The Meetup will take place on the 8th of November 2018 at Delivion GmbH office in Am Förderturm 10 in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr.

Visit this link for more details.

Remark : If you are interested in sharing your knowledge in this topic in a 10min talk, Please send us an Email at

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