We craft smart services.

Who we are.

We are a team of seasoned experts, coming from different disciplines ranging from Business Modelling over User Experience Design to Software and System Engineering and Operations.
So we don’t emphasize on the visual appearance of services – thats just an aspect. We focus on continuous value and simplicity.

What we do.

We do Business Analysis, User Experience Design, Software- and Systemengineering, DevOps and ITIL to craft digital and manned services our clients love
Designed to continuously enable the business and to be operated with excellence. Made to last.

Why we do it.

We believe, that a lasting value out of IT is not generated within a project triangle. To continuously serve a demanding business, it needs to be thought, designed, architected, implemented, operated and continuously improved holistic as a Service.

Our Services

Service Design

To model resilient digital services, we utilize state of the art approaches: Business Model Generation, Service Design Thinking, Business Domain Modelling.
But thats just tools. With two decades of experience in crafting solutions for Digital Media, Gaming and Entertainment we know all the dodges in this business and learn more every day.

Service Transition

Bringing a Service to life and let it evolve over its lifecycle requires an agile approach to initial development and continuous improvement.
We establish agile CSI (Continuous Service Improvement) with KANBAN for fluently processing work items and a joint engineering and operations approach, better known as “DevOps” for bringing those artefacts, as well as the surrounding infrastructure to live operations.

Service Operation

We also offer resource faced service operation and on-demand infrastructure provisioning.
Its your face to the customer, we take care for the machine room.
We also tightly partner with seasoned cloud service providers internationally for a tangible and success oriented scale-out.

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